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Sports Communication volunteer-Mulitple Positions

UO Hockey

The UO Hockey team is looking for volunteers for the upcoming year. Multiple positions available. Get sports journalism experience while having a great time with the UO Hockey team. Apply today. 

About us: The University of Oregon men's ice hockey team is an American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) Division 2 club team that is in the PAC-8 Hockey Conference. The Ducks have competitively battled on the ice since 1989 and are a student-run, student-focused organization supported primarily by member dues as well as donations. The team is lead by Head Coach Bill Leahy and Assistant Coaches Chris Stankeivicz and Tommy Lewis. 

1. Marketing/Advertising 

Individual willing to work with local businesses to put our name out in the community. The tasks associated with this role are to create posters and solicit businesses to advertise, as well as work with restaurants and bars to find creative and new ways to put Oregon Hockey’s name out in the community. 

Experience Required/Preferred
Some marketing and retail experience preferred. Ability to create a poster, with photoshop and other online tools. 

2. Announcer/Scorekeeper 

Announce home games to the crowd, including: starting line-ups, player names, goals scored, penalties and more. Also required to maintain score sheet during game time 

Experience Required/Preferred 
Basic hockey knowledge preferred 

3. Photographer 

Take photographs of all home games and some practices along with working very closely with Social Media Manager. 

Experience Required/Preferred
Sports photography and photo editing background preferred. Must have own equipment. 

4. Social Media Manager 

An individual to promote and manage the team’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages. Managing our accounts during our games for play-by-play updates, as well as maintain team's website. Must have ability to think outside the box. 

Experience Required/Preferred 
Must be up to date with current trends within social media, specifically sports related, as well as an understanding of how to run each account. 

5. Team Journalist 

Responsible for working closely with the team, writing articles for the website including player profiles, game previews, and game recaps. 

Experience Required/Preferred 
Journalist experience with strong writing abilities preferred. 

6. Videographer

Create hype videos for the team to be posted on our social media platforms. Must also edit game footage into highlight clips for both players for review and the Social Media Manager for media distribution. 
Experience Required/Preferred
Cinematography experience required, along with common knowledge of sports social media video trends. Personal equipment required. 


Worksite location
   The Rink Exchange (796 West 13th Avenue Eugene, OR 97402) 

Application deadline 
   May 26,2017 


Friday, May 26, 2017
Application Instructions: 
Send inquiries via email to
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