Ad Agency Opening - Media & Account Management

K Dunn & Associates

The activities are diverse... 


   - Media Planning & Buying - You'll research the media in a client's local market, establish relationships with media reps and negotiate the best rates. You'll then prepare a media plan following our proven methodology. 

   - Consulting and Strategic Planning – You’ll develop relationships with clients, discover their needs and challenges and offer marketing solutions to help improve their businesses. 

   - Traffic - You'll place & process creative orders, get client approvals, create insertion orders and submit to the media on time. 

   - Customer Service - You'll participate in developing and improving our internal systems, to continually improve our services. 


Experience Required/Preferred (leave blank if included in position description above) 

   The skills required are varied... 


   - You must have excellent verbal communication skills. 

   - You must be organized and be able to juggle the needs of many clients at once. 

   - You must also be good at following through on projects and not letting things slip through the cracks. 

   - You must be detail-oriented, to minimize potential costly mistakes. 

   - You must have an understanding of traditional media (newspaper, direct mail) and some knowledge of digital media (Facebook, Google, etc…) 

   - You must have excellent writing skills. 

   - You must have good computer skills (we use Macs). 

   - You must be a diligent and creative problem-solver — able to find solutions on your own — without giving up until the problem is solved. 






Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Application Instructions: 

Please send a resume and cover letter to