Child Recruitment Specialist & Heart Gallery Coordinator - A Family for Every Child

A Family for Every Child

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit, 501(c)3 child welfare organization. Our mission is to find loving permanent homes for all waiting foster children.


Recruitment efforts at A Family For Every Child give children in foster care additional exposure to families nationwide in hopes of finding children their forever families. A Family For Every Child believes that every child should have a family that will encourage it to grow and mature appropriately and provide it with a home environment where they can act like a kid and just be loved.

A Family For Every Child’s Recruitment Specialist along with countless volunteers, utilize easy and accessible technology to help find children loving homes. We specialize in the hardest and most urgent placements, and will successfully match children with their forever families. Our recruitment efforts include public and private web listing, online matching events, targeted e-mails and individualized targeted outreach, professional photos and videos of the children, national publicity, and marketing for children nationwide.


Scope of Position

This role will begin heavy in Child recruitment, grow to oversee other volunteers and interns doing Child recruitment work

Heart Gallery Coordinator takes the lead in all Heart Gallery work and efforts on behalf of AFFEC. The Heart Gallery is a portrait exhibit displayed to raise awareness of the needs of foster children. Foster children waiting and hoping for their own adoptive family to love and protect them. Professional photographers volunteer to take compelling portraits and these beautifully framed and matted portraits get displayed along with the children's biographies in various venues that will touch your heart. Pictures in the Heart Gallery help you to appreciate these children!

A Family For Every Child is currently responsible for 50 Heart Gallery Venues throughout Oregon and Washington and it is the responsibility of the Heart Gallery Coordinator to maintain all aspects of these venues to insure each venue is polished in its presentation of waiting child photos.



Responding to all emails, calls and correspondence in 24 business hours.

Attend and participate in all staff meetings when possible

Train, oversee, and work alongside volunteers and interns

Adhere to policies and procedures of AFFEC as outlined in organization’s manuals.

Represent AFFEC and clientele in a positive and professional manner

Document all processes and procedures in saved how to documents and videos and add them to SF. All work should be able to be duplicated by someone new by utilizing the how to documents.




Child Recruitment:

Complete Child Listing Web training

Learn how to write a child's bio

Learn how to work with images for the website

Update data in our database with some outreach to Case workers

Be a part of a team that is always looking for better, more effective ways to list kids and recruit for kids on our websites.

Identify barriers and game plan solutions.

Matching Events:

Develop a plan to hold an online matching event, identify needed equipment, and timeline

Develop processes for who will be contacted (Caseworkers & families), and follow up. Enter all contacts in the data base with a follow up plan

Identify improvements we can make in our web delivery (video, other services besides Power Point or go-to-Webinar)

Develop check list for contact to workers, families, and getting needed materials for the webinar to present kids

Start projects, identify the tools that are effective, can be done for the largest number of children monthly, and with in-kind donations or little cost

Identify barriers, game plan solutions

Make a plan to use our web site, social media and targeted email, newsletter to market new recruitment projects to draw views to the child’s web page. Attract parents and case workers.

Build email templates, press releases, PSA’s and other marketing tools

Carry out follow up, Evaluate plan, thank all new partners, enter all data

Make plan for next steps


Child Listing- Follow Up:

Complete Child listing Web training

Learn how to write a child’s bio

Learn how to work with image for the web site

Train, over see all child listing, or other volunteers you need

Update data in our date base with some outreach to Case workers

Be a part of a team that is always looking for better, more effective ways to list kids on our web sites

Identify barriers, game plan solutions

Manage and monitor other child listing sites for additional images, video, etc…

Look for ways we can help current children we have listed, new images, Heart Gallery, Targeted outreach, matching events, etc…

Dailey list/monitor OARE, NWAE, SNAPS, Adoptuskids

Manage all child listing follow up, keep child listing current

Outreach to agencies, partners and workers we can assist

Expand the states we represent on our web site

Embed Video

Look for tools that will help promote children in the adoption process

Review and understand all MOU agreements that we have with the various states and insure that we are following all processes for each states children.

Look for potential of new states to create MOUs with.


Targeted Searches for Children:

After our training and support on using our systems and "How to's", this role consists of sending out a targeted email to families that fit the criteria of a given child in need of a placement. For example it could be a certain area, 2 parents, no other kids, and so on. The email will include positive information about the child, some of the barriers/issues as well as an image and contact info for next steps.

Often because of this simple email outreach (which can go out to thousands of families at a time) we can find a placement in hours. We are committed to using technology in the most effective and urgent way to find forever families.

Each email is approx. 30-45 min to prepare through constant contact

Involves really understanding and using our data base.

Learning Constant Email Marketing System

Eye for design and marketing strategies

Heart Gallery

Responsible for recruiting and educating with case workers for the Gallery.  

Establish all written materials to accompany the Gallery.

Update all Galleries Monthly with the use of Volunteers

Assist with web based education and awareness of the Gallery state wide.

Speak to community groups and others to educate about the benefits of the Heart Gallery and their involvement.

Establish a Volunteer base in each community to equip them to build and maintain an on-going gallery.

Tap into community groups and Faith based communities to grow our Heart Gallery base.

Identifying and utilizing resources including volunteers, staff, publications and the internet to identify opportunities for the Heart Gallery.

Develop a monthly newsletter highlighting newly featured children, the success of the venues, and highlighting new or long time venue hosts.

Managing relationships with community partners, businesses and media, as necessary.

Find financial sponsors for existing venues, and to grow new venues.

Find Corporate Sponsors for all things Heart Gallery including frames, easels, and printing.



Preferred Qualifications


Represents the agency with knowledge and respect


Being pro-active in cost saving measures, aware of non profit opportunities, ways of doing business for less and more effectively and efficiently. Seek in kind donations when needed.


Continually and effectively reporting on results.


Stipend of 500 dollars available per term for 10 hours a week, 750 dollars a term for 15 hours a week. 

Application Instructions: 

Please send to or call 541-343-2856.

AFFEC is looking to hire a part time role for this internship position for the summer, we will give preference to all applicants that will be available and desire a part time job this summer, or 2 terms of this internship.