Communications Volunteers

A Family for Every Child

Is your calling in politics? Do you want to really change the System? Help us create a vehicle for System change on our web site. With the use of Success Stories, Education pieces, Video, Calls to Action, Stories of Needed System change. One position available, interview needed, 6 month commitment, desire to learn, and engage in system change, writing skills, social media, graphic lay out (for web page design) a plus. We have the material, we have the results/outcomes/stories, we need the Organizational person to pull this together

Blog manager (Intern or Volunteer):We would like to move our blog to our web site, maximize its SEO qualities and have a daily calendar for posting. This position will require that you learn what it takes to do this (with the assistance of our web team), create a blog calendar/plan, assign to staff or volunteers, find ways to market and connect our Blog, do research on how to use our blog to increase our SEO numbers, education and awareness. 3 months please, 10 hours a week.

Writers Needed:Must have great writing skills, please supply sample of work, 10 hours a week, min 3 months, can work in and out of the office. Writing projects will include Success stories, White pages for the web site, system change documents, Staff bio's, Presentation/Speaking proposals, blogging, outcome reports and much more. May need to interview families, staff or others, great opportunity to improve your writing resume.

Marketing/communication Intern/Volunteer:Great experience if this is your field of choice. We are looking for someone to design and manage our communication process. Educate staff, organize flow of information, identify need, marketing plan, media contacts, social media outreach of communication information. Work with Social media and program directors to create and manage a consistent message, design an annual plan, communicate and train staff on how to carry out. 6 month commitment required, 10 hours a week.

Application Instructions: 

Interested students should contact Christy Obie-Barrett, Executive Director, at