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Thank you for your interest in interning with New Moon Girl Media! Our interns are truly critical in the work they do to create and promote our safe social network and girl-edited magazine. An internship with us gives you the opportunity to work with girl and adult editors and online marketers to foster creative self-expression in girls ages 8+ worldwide. Learn more about New Moon Girl Media and our history here.

Interns have a flexible schedule, work from home, and gain valuable real-world experience in the rapidly changing media business. We are a small company, and have very specific needs from our interns. Below are position descriptions and requirements.

Requirements For All InternsAn internship with New Moon Girls is a responsible volunteer position and must be treated seriously. Our very small team depends on each of us to deliver on time what we are committed to do. Media is deadline-driven and that is not negotiable. All our interns need to be reliable, good problem-solvers, self-sufficient, and also exceptional communicators. Here is what we are looking for:

Deep Personal Passion for our mission of bringing girl power to media in many ways.

Internship Length: Minimum of 6 months, with the possibility for more if you do exceptional work.Fall/Winter Internship: September 1 to February 28

Spring/Summer Internship: March 1 - August 31

Hours/week: About (but no less than) 15

Interns must be 18 or older

School Credit: Let us know if you need this internship for school credit. We will work within your school’s guidelines to meet your credit requirements. However, it is not required to do this internship for school credit. It’s also great experience to add to your resume and to help you see if a modern media career is a good fit for you!

Take Initiative! Don’t wait for staff to email you or tell you to do something. You will be expected to do key assignments mostly on your own (after training) with minimal direction. It is imperative that you can get them done before or on deadline. If you have questions or are unclear about something, ask for clarification! Ignorance is not bliss, and you need to see it as your responsibility to clear up any confusion you have about an assignment.

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Whether you have questions about a task, need something to be proofed, have a big test coming up, or are interested in branching out from your regular assignments, let your supervisor or other interns know. We’re a team, and we’re here to help support each other, but not to complete each others’ assignments.

Meet Deadlines. A lot of things interns do run on a schedule, and it’s critical to meet deadlines for every project. There are also many last-minute assignments that pop up, and only have a 24- or 48-hour turnaround. This is life in a media organization! Be vigilant, reliable, and quickly responsive to your supervisor. Use Google Calendar to make sure you stay ahead of your deadlines.

Check your intern Email at least 3 times every day. NMG Interns create a separate GMail account that is just for their internship. Interns must have daily access to this email. This is the primary form of communication with all staff and other interns. Emails must also be responded to promptly (within the day), NOT any later.

Available Positions:

Online Editorial InternThe Online Editorial Intern assists our Online Editor with creating, editing, and finding content to feature on NewMoon.com. Interns will generally be involved in (but not limited to) the following tasks:

Writing for our blog, and getting edits and feedback from our Online Editor.

Creating videos for NewMoon.com

Gathering quality girl-created content to feature on the website

Assisting our Online Editor with tasks as-needed

Working “behind the scenes” of our website (no coding required!)

Marketing/Public Relations InternThe Marketing Intern must be social media-savvy, and be able to keep up-to-date with everything New Moon Girls during the internship. Interns will generally be involved in (but not limited to) the following tasks:

Creating our weekly e-news

Social media outreach about NMG news to other organizations

Assisting staff in the creation of press releases

Sharing about our affiliates

Spreading the word about NMG and sharing news on all aspects of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.)

Girls Editorial Board InternThe Girls Editorial Board Intern gets to work with our group of 10- to 14-year-old girls that make up our Girls Editorial Board. New Moon Girls is created for girls, by girls, and the GEB is a major hub in the creation of each magazine issue and of online content. If you enjoy working with girls to instill confidence and pride in their work,  and have a fun and outgoing personality, this is right up your alley! Interns will generally be involved in (but not limited to) the following tasks:

Gathering content and artwork for the magazine as-needed (This is NOT a writing position.)

Assisting our Executive Magazine Editor with tasks as-needed.

Editing girl-created content

Work with girl editors to keep their tasks organized

Lead small-group discussions and meetings

Assist staff members in overseeing this group of creative girls.

Apply to be a New Moon Girls Intern here: http://bit.ly/nmgintern

Application Instructions: 

Apply to be a New Moon Girls Intern here: http://bit.ly/nmgintern