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ThinkProgress is looking for interns to work with us. Interns monitor, research, write, and fact-check news stories, as well as complete other tasks as assigned. Interns will learn many of the basic skills it takes to be a researcher and reporter at a progressive site from a front-row seat. ThinkProgress looks for interns with strong research and writing skills.


Duties may include conducting targeted research and assisting staff reporters and editors with tasks as they arise. Interns are expected to pitch around three topics per week, engaging with staff about their ideas. Interns are also encouraged to write on the subject of their choice, either as a contributor to a larger final piece or as an individual author of a piece for the website. Administrative tasks will also be delegated to interns as they arise, but won’t take too much time away from opportunities to pitch and write.

Staff members will hold brown bag lunches for interns throughout their internships, introducing them to interesting topics, ideas, and methods. Interns are also encouraged to take part in the resources offered by the Center for American Progress, and to make the most out of their time with ThinkProgress.


While interns do not necessarily need an extensive background in journalism to apply, they should come in with the expectation of writing, as well as with some familiarity with ThinkProgress’ style and content. They should also have an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to work hard. Applicants should be up-to-date on progressive issues and accustomed to following news, domestically and internationally.

How to apply

ThinkProgress internships are available in fall, spring, and summer, and applications are accepted year-round. While the internship does not pay, a stipend is provided, and external scholarship opportunities will be publicized.

Application details are located in full here. Applicants may also forward their applications to Evelyn at

Intern applicants should be aware that while they will be asked for a writing sample upon application, they may also be asked to submit a writing test in response to a prompt should they be considered for the internship.

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