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Joint Forces Dance Company

Joint Forces Dance Company is a Eugene-based non-profit organization. We are active world-wide. We welcome student involvement for your course assignments, as interns, for practicum projects, or as volunteers. We are committed to our student assistants and are willing to take time to share our knowledge to increase your learning. Our flagship program is DanceAbility International. DanceAbility International celebrates the beauty of human diversity by bringing people with and without disabilities together, through dance. The DanceAbilityTM method is taught, studied, and practiced in over twenty countries for its contributions to the evolution of contemporary dance and its applications in recreation and arts settings to foster and celebrate diversity. Major programs are teacher trainings, performances, workshops, and youth outreach. Our Artistic Director is a Guggenheim Fellow, Fulbright Senior Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, and official U.S. State Department “Arts Envoy.” You can see more at 

Branding and Communications Needs

We need students to:

-Assist with a Global strategic vision with video and other social media.

-help us raise awareness about the DanceAbility method and about our fascinating lead

dancers and Artistic Director, on a broader regional or national level;

-help with marketing—both traditional and online/social networking, e.g. we have three     performance shows that do not have current marketing packages.

-write—pitches, feature stories etc.

-help with video-based documentation and promotions

-assess, inventory, and/or edit video footage (video-to-DVD transfers; Youtube etc.           broadcasting and promoting, etc.)

-help with branding and design (logo, brochure, donor envelopes, annual reports, etc.)





Beyond Communications: Volunteering and Board Experience


We welcome volunteers in many areas, and can match you with challenging, rewarding projects in your interest areas, and could potentially recommend you as a Board member, if you are looking for Board service experience. Ask us for details. 

Here are some areas we need help in—with your help we can help society better celebrate the beauty and breadth of human diversity, through dance:



-Grant research, grant-writing, and project planning for grants

-Educational programs development

-Event planning and/or all aspects of event production from planning to evaluating

-Data & statistics management—setting up systems to count how many people served,    etc.

-Business planning

Application Instructions: 

For more information, contact: