Intern Sports Correspondant


isportsweb is seeking students who want to build their resume and potentially obtain college credit by writing for a nationally recognized website. On top of students who want to publish their work, we are searching for passionate and knowledgeable sports minds who desire to write about the one team they truely love.  We have a full and partial openings for a host of major pro and college teams.  The correspondent position comes with the opportunity to gave the student's writing reach a national audience as feeds into Google News, ESPN, and FOXSPORTS.

As a Sports Correspondent, interns at will be assigned to cover a sports beat for a team they have interest in. As that team’s correspondent, interns are expected to generate multiple stories per week about that team. These stories can and should be opinionated, and we give our writers freedom to pick topics they find relevant to their particular team.  While our interns are unpaid to start, we do help all writers gain media credentials to games. This is not guaranteed, but we have been able to gain media access in the NFL, NCAA basketball and NCAA football.

Why This opportunity is unlike any other currently available to students on a widespread level. The selected correspondent(s) will have the opportunity to expose their writing across the country through our various feeds, gain a following, interact with their readers, learn how to write for a publication, post their articles, and be held accountable for their work.

Interns: connects a large staff of writers, or correspondents into one dedicated platform. Our site was officially launched in late February 2009. Each new student applicant must submit an application as well as sample articles on the team of their choice, if available. The isportsweb staff will then review these and attempt to find the best fit for each student. If approved, a student intern will be presented with a custom Correspondent Agreement, prepared by our in-house legal counsel, Joe White, and then must agree to all terms and sign and date it before they are sent posting instructions. 

isportsweb’s staff will work closely with your university to make sure that the mutual needs and goals of the school, the student, and our website are being met on a daily basis.

Brief History: The idea behind has been in the works for years as the founders have been writing, reporting, and compiling information on their favorite teams for the past decade, mainly for their own private use. After a long run of this type of activity, it became clear to us and others familiar with our passion that our work needed to go live to the world. Without the aid of advertising sponsorship dollars or a mass marketing campaign to help build up our “hit” base, we have experienced strong and steady growth. We our now conducting our final phase of development, which is taking our internship program national. We feel that this will create the most unique and intriguing sports reporting site on the Internet. Thank you for your interest in our internship program. 



Application Instructions: 

With questions, or to apply, email Joe White at