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We are looking for dedicated interns who understand the culture embodies. We have nine different internships opportunities; Marketing and Social Media, Business Administration, Research, Copy Editing, Graphic Design and our News, Music, Entertainment and Sports Writing internships.


This is a 12-week internship for students in a virtual office for academic credit only.


We are asking for a 15 hour per week comitment. As the online forums for writers grow, we want to continue to guide students to the best of our ability and and help them understand how an online magazine operates, and found that this can not be properly done within our original time requirements. 

Additional program descriptions are here -


I also want to highlight the importance of our Marketing and Social Media internship. Students who are interested in this internship will become knowledgeable in an array of online communication, and will learn how to combine online marketing with overarching outreach goals in a professional setting. This is a necessary skill for students to acquire upon entering professional work settings, many that are heavily internet focused.


Openings for the internships are limited. Please have interested students apply as soon as possible here -



Application Instructions: 

Openings for the internships are limited. Interested students apply as soon as possible here -