Journalism Intern

Oregon Resource Guide

(Closed as of 9/21/17)

The mission of the Oregon Resource Guide is to provide a “high quality” advertising, public relations, and marketing experience designed to meet each of our client’s unique objectives by building long-term relationships based on trust. We strive to cultivate a family-style atmosphere among our clients and we aim to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our clients’ missions through valuable customer service. We place our clients first because when they succeed, we all succeed.


We are in our tenth year, featuring business in a wide variety of industries throughout Oregon, ranging from the Oregon Coast to the Cascades, Willamette Valley and southern Oregon. Our free publication highlights the state’s resources and attractions for newcomers, local residents, and travelers. We fill our Resource Guide with in-depth articles and editorials that depict Oregon’s treasures, while the guidebook’s captivating photographs illustrate the state’s visual ambiance. Digital online editions of our guidebook will enhance your travel and living experiences with promotional adventure videos and links to advertisers’ websites to create an interactive experience.

Oregon is a wild, adventurous place that’s full of natural character. We want to encourage our readers to explore these new featured destinations because they provide quality experiences, which is why we added them to our list of exceptional service providers.

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This position will be assisting with the Oregon Resource Guide productions and learning multi media such as videos and movie production and helping with our online media.



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