Magazine Production (multiple student positions)

Huafeng Magazine

Huafeng Mag Online Application

HuaFeng Magazine is a Chinese Cultural Bilingual Magazine at the University of Oregon. It is a non-profit and non-political independent student journalism, branched from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO). HuaFeng is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and philosophy and contributing to theinteractive culture communication across the ocean. The magazine promotes a greater sense of cultural diversity and acceptance by offering a combination of all languages including Chinese and English articles over a broad range of cultural topics to our readers.


【Marketing Team】
Public Relations Representative: You will be finding sponsors to support our magazine. It requires fluently English speaking skills, and outgoing personality. You responsibility is to help our magazine get as many as sponsors as possible.

Social Media: You will be responsible for updating our events, plans, news and etc on all social media, such as Facebook, Wetchat, Renren, and Huafeng official website. It requires a huge mount of Internet time spends.

Events Planning: You will be brainstorming ideas for all up coming events, social activities. Such as group retreat, bake sale, tabling, and etc.


【Art Team】
Designer: You will be designing articles, fliers, posters, and etc. you have to be familiar with most of design software, such as InDesign, illustrator, and Photoshop.

Photographer: You will be taking pictures during our events, and most importantly to help designers take the pictures whenever they need. You have to be confortable with your cameras.


【Editing Team】
Editor/Writer: You will be editing/writing articles. It requires good language talent.

Translator: You will be translating articles between Chinese and English. It requires good Chinese and English translating skills.

Application Instructions: