Marketing Internship

Network Charter School

Network Charter School2550 Portland StreetEugene, OR 97401541-344-1229

About NCS: Network Charter School is a free, public charter school that enrolls students in grades 7-12.  It is composed of five member organizations (MOs), four of which teach standards-based courses that integrate subjects in authentic ways arising from the organizations’ missions. The fifth MO performs schoolwide administration functions.  The school was formed to provide a comprehensive, community-embedded, hands-on education, using the resources of the member organizations to develop students’ skills and knowledge and contribute to collective welfare. We believe that education is an ongoing process that is part of students’ real lives in the community. Integrating students with their community by situating classrooms in neighborhood organizations and workplaces improves students’ ability to find their own strengths and interests. Students who direct their own learning are empowered to explore and expand their boundaries. They are motivated to follow through with their educational plans. At NCS, we encourage students to take the risks necessary for healthy personal development.  Network Charter School provides structure for students, while allowing them to have freedom beyond the classroom walls. Education is not only about what one does for oneself, but is also about one’s relationships with friends, family, the community, and the world at large. Network Charter School provides opportunities for experiential work projects in the community and stimulates students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Internship Summary:  NCS needs someone with good technical skills and an interest in our mission to help us develop and implement a plan to generate and sustain public awareness of our programs.  We are often under enrolled, which compromises our ability to offer a comprehensive program and our economic stability. We believe that there are students who are not thriving in the big mainstream schools and whose families would choose NCS if they knew we existed.  We also worry that our reputation for being “alternative” scares prospective applicants away.  We would like someone to help us get the correct message to the right people. We have good writing skills and some photographic skills in house, but do not have good technical skills for non-print media nor have we a plan we could implement on a regular basis. This work would include:• Collaborating with NCS admin staff on content for social media platforms and newsletters;• Helping us create marketing materials for programs and events;• Making our website more interesting and complete;• Creating a plan for marketing activities that we can implement ourselves or with a very modest amount of help on a regular basis.

Commitment: This internship will mostly involve work that can be done at the candidate’s convenience within specific deadlines.  That is, except for consulting with NCS staff to establish a task list and timeline, the work may be done any time and place. We need immediate help and anticipate that the work could be finished during winter quarter.

Qualifications: Immediate availabilityGood technical skills in website development and print formattingAbility to figure out where and how best to deliver the message, given the budgetAbility to critique and advise on print materials (ie, NOT on grammar but on content)Knowledge of how to get our school to come up more prominently on websearches

Application Instructions: 

Position will remain open until filled. Submit a resume and cover letter to Mary Leighton at