Media Planner/Buyer

Coates Kokes

 Coates Kokes is looking for an analytical and motivated individual to join its media team.        Desired Skills and Experience:    • Two years of agency experience.    • A team player who will work under the direction of the leaders of our media department and actively collaborate with account service, accounting and creative.    • Attention to detail: Keeping all the dollars, timelines and strategies straight is a must.    • Strong quantitative skills: Beyond general detail, this position will need to possess a comfort with numbers and the ability to tease the story out of them.    • The ability to multi-task: We have about a dozen clients active in paid media, and this position will work on all of them over time – most often several simultaneously.    • Recent experience with digital media.    • A willingness to learn: The industry will only continue to evolve.    • Interest in a breadth of topics: We work in categories from public health to food & beverage to sustainability.    • Understanding of Nielsen products and Strata preferred.    • Experience with Google Analytics and paid social platforms.        Responsibilities Include:    • Meeting with vendors and evaluating proposals.    • Contributing to media plans.    • Creating reports and presentations for clients.    • Developing digital strategies and coordinating with social media.    • Analyzing vendor reports, including metric reports.    • Sending insertion orders and traffic instructions to the media.    • Reconciling media invoices with media schedules and placement.        Opportunities for Growth:    • There’s room to grow in this position and assume more departmental responsibility over time.        About the Agency:    We’re on a mission to help people live better. We believe communications can be a force for good, help clients activate their causes or just get people to give a damn. We work across a range of categories from energy efficiency and renewable energy to public health and healthcare to sustainability and social causes. Our client roster is a matter of intention and we look for people with interests in these areas. 

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume and cover letter to