Minutes Recorder

Lane Council of Governments
Eugene/ Springfield

The Lane Council of Governments is looking for people with experience taking minutes at public meetings. Employment is part-time as an independent contractor; hours vary widely month-to-month. 
Meetings generally are between 10am and 7pm, mostly during the day. 
Records proceedings at meetings of various boards, commissions, and agencies; prepares clear, 
concise accounts of proceedings for transcription; reviews draft transcripts for accuracy and 
clarity. Knowledge of Oregon’s Public Meetings Law. 
Attends meetings of various boards, commissions, and agencies recording 
proceedings both with a digital recorder and by hand. 
Drafts minutes of meetings from original records according to LCOG’s standards. 
Composes minutes on personal computer using Word. 
Reviews drafts of minutes for accuracy and clarity, prior to final processing. 
Confers with staff from other governmental agencies as necessary. 
Adheres to strict production schedule for LCOG’s minutes. 
Keeps itemized records of time worked and work-related expenses. 
Supports and respects diversity in the workplace. 
Performs other related work as required. 

Experience Required/Preferred (leave blank if included in position description above) 
Knowledge of: 
   -Oregon’s Public meeting laws or the ability to learn them in a reasonable amount of time. 
   -Office practices and procedures. 
Ability to: 
   -Keyboard at least 50 wpm (words per minute). 
   -Communicate effectively with other employees and the public using tact, courtesy, and good judgment. 
   -Distinguish between relevant and incidental discussion. 
   -Follow oral and written instructions 
Skilled in: 
   -The use of a computer and programs such as Word, Excel, other Office Programs 
   -English composition 
   -Paraphrasing and editing with no loss of, or change, in meaning. 
   -Some mechanical aptitude is required. 
Any combination of course work, experience, and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Previous experience as a Minutes Recorder in the Public Sector is a plus. 

Application Instructions: 

Please submit a completed LCOG Application form to Joshua Burstein Human Resources Manager, LCOG, 859 Willamette Street, Suite 500, Eugene, OR 97401, or by email to jobs@lcog.org. Application Forms can be found at www.lcog.org