New Professional - 1280 KIT/Townsquare Media

1280 KIT/Townsquare Media

We need a news reporter.  We need a social media whiz.  We need a talk show producer/co host.   Or as our ad says:


     What if a talented, professional radio journalist met and fell in love with a clever, quick witted, entertaining, conversationalist?

     What if they got married and had a child –a child who grew into an adult demonstrating along the way that they had inherited the

     very best traits of both parents? Well, we want to hire that person!


      1280 KIT/Townsquare Media in Yakima, Washington is looking for a unique individual .


      The new member to our team will track down, write, report and occasionally anchor the news.


      In addition, this person will help produce the morning show, make & screen calls AND  join the  conversation to offer opinion,

      humor, interviewing and counterpoint to our two co-hosts. They will also post to our website and provide information and

      promotion via social media.


      But wait, there’s more.


      This is a tightrope act that requires the two skill sets of credibility and personality to succeed  Think smart yet charming, tough yet

      fair, thorough yet entertaining.  This is a special hybrid, but is it you? 


      If so, we want you to know we take reporting the news seriously but we don’t take the Morning News show  too seriously.   Our

      mission is to inform and entertain. To provide public service and a community forum for conversation on lifestyle, pop culture and

      the national, state & local news issues of the day. 


      A little experience is great but we would consider the right talented newcomer too.

Application Instructions: 

Send us your stuff-resume, air check and a cover letter that shows us you get what makes this not just another news job.

Dave Ettl

TownSquare Media

4010 Summitview Ave

Yakima, WA 98908