Production and Radio/Event Assistants

All Comedy 1450

Production AssistantAll Comedy 1450 need volunteers to cut comedy tracks to be added to our national and local rotation. The only skills needed are some fairly basic sound editing skills and the ability to record a short snippet of your voice to tag the comedy clip. This work can be done anywhere so there would be very few required hours in the studio.

For anyone who wants to take the internship a step further and has interest working in radio, there's a possibility to also get involved in the live programming as well as our events. In the past we've had someone start as an intern and end up as a regular on one of our weekday shows because he was a funny character and he added to the show.

Time commitment would be up to you. Though we would expect hopefully 5-10 hours per week of work, that may vary based on how quickly we can select material to be edited up.

Skills required: Basic sound editing (sound editing software is required if you own a Mac, if you have a PC we can provide you a copy of Cool Edit)

Radio/Event AssistantAll Comedy 1450 is looking for an intern to assist on a few day-to-day tasks of the station. Some examples may include reaching out to local news outlets to get an event covered, helping give out prizes at our weekly remotes, and helping set up and manage our other events.

This position will teach a greatly varied amount of skills and also has some flexibility for an intern to work on things that interest him or her.

Time Commitment: Time commitment will depend on the person, though we would hope to get a minimum of around 5-10 hours a week.

Application Instructions: 

Interested individuals should contact Max Williams at for more information.