Production Interns

Boondockers Farm

  A bit about us.  Our farm focuses on the conservation of endangered breeds and seeds.  We promote farm biodiversity through community involvement, inspiring educational media, and sale of breeding stock and food products both direct to consumer and to chefs.  Old Heirloom Veggies and Heritage Breeds have superior nutritional and culinary qualities.  Creating demand enables us to save breeds and varieties of veggies which are hardily adapted to our climate.    Two years ago we inherited the primary breeding stock in the world of critically endangered Ancona ducks from waterfowl conservationist Dave Holderread (who rescued the breed in the late 70s).  Our biggest responsibility is repopulating these beautiful and productive ducks.  Two years ago the global population was less than 150 breeding females, we have now sent more than 3000 ducklings around the country to be propagated as productive pets and a viable source of income for small pasture based farms like our own. This season we will focus efforts on conducting a new, lineage detailed census with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy ( to accurately judge the health of the breed.  We use multispecies rotation on pasture, a holistic cycle with minimal input, maximum output.  We have 3 beautiful and efficient Dutch Belted cows who graze before the poultry allowing us to set up electrified netting for the poultry and guardian dogs on perfectly mowed grass.  Their milk is sold by membership and fed to poultry and dogs.  Dutch Belts are also a critically endangered breed with a global population of 300 females.  Our system needs no fertilizer, herbicide, or insecticide, and our future challenge is no outsourced feeds.  Soil and diverse native ecosystems are alive and self balancing, therefore naturally healthy. 

Current Projects Include:

3 separate/individual proposals for which require creative videos as part of the initial proposal and also campaign.  We have worked with 9 media students from LCC in the past and will have two more for this term.  We have a Sony DSLR a33 camera and often media interns bring cameras aswell.  We would really like a couple students who can focus on researching, documenting, writing, and editing to create proposals/campaigns as well as helping us to share these projects and engage citizens.

Listed in order:

1) The first project is fencing/equipment needed to expand our breeding and utility duck flocks.  We already have lots of footage for this one, I need someone who can organize it with a media intern (LCC), fill in the gaps, and complete it as an engaging story/proposal.

2) The second is to bring three pregnant Dutch Belted cows from an old farm in WI to add pure and valuable genetics to our breeding program in OR.

3) The third is to import Gloucester Old Spots Pigs from the UK to improve the genetic diversity in the US. "GOS" pigs are also critically endangered with less than 1000 Gloucestershire Old Spots in Great Britain and fewer than 200 breeding animals in the US.

These projects can easily and will likely take up an entire internship but we have many other small stories we believe deserve attention on our website and blog, some of which would be beneficial to the Kickstarter campaigns. 

We will submit works to other local and regional newspapers and news stations, magazines and journals. website gets over 3000 hits a month, and our website get an additional 1000 per month. This exposure could help ones writing portfolio tremendously.  Here are some of the topics.

*A comparison of Duck vs Chicken  - Eggs, Meat, Production, Sustainability, Diversity of Breeds*Nutritional and Environmental Comparison of Grass-Fed *Raw Milk and A1 Beta Casin mutation*Short video documentaries about heritage breeds and farms who raise/breed them*Interviews/Reviews of chefs/restaurants who highlight local food and farmers with admirable practices*Decoding USDA labels, how/where to find ethically raised/healthy food, what to ask the farmer/look for at the farm*Local food politics + trends/events*Keeping urban livestock and veggie garden/landscaping (food not lawns)*Keeping up with the status of the Wolves reintroduced to Oregon, actions taken to eliminate them, and writing about the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs such as our Great Pyrenees to"claim" territory without conflict*Short Video How-tos: Ex. raise chickens or ducks in both backyard and small farm settings, how to butcher poultry at home, how to save seeds

  We will be working on these projects with the students but are looking for those who have self driven passion for environmental food writing.  We believe Journalism holds exponential Power and in collaboration with farmers we can rapidly effect necessary change for the security of our food system.

  These projects are an opportunity to build experience and resume with inspirational activism.  You can help change history and the future of what we eat in a single internship, a perfect preparation for a writing career. We're looking for students with talent/interest in scripting, storytelling, research/documentation, environmental and food writing, activist journalism, those who can captivate an audience and are creative, and most importantly those who have a passion to learn and share about the topics I listed previously.

Application Instructions: 

If you're interested, contact Boondockers Farm with a description of yourself (interests, strengths) and why you would like to work with us as well as a resume and previous works which would be of interest to us.