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local artist

Kitti Touzeau is a local artist who creates paper collages by tearing colored paper into leaves and petals, and then she pastes them in flower arrangements. Please check out her Facebook page (and please "like" & "share" too!):

Here is another link to better-quality pictures of her work:

Although Kitti is incredibly talented & creative, she has a very hard time putting herself out there for businesses and clients to see because she is an introvert and because she has trouble using technology. She needs a creative and energetic Advertising/Public Relations student (or several students) who would like to aid her in the initial process of getting out there and selling her artwork. It is an internship project that would allow students to think creatively by making their own structure (instead of fitting into a corporate mold) and would help them to practice what they learned in their classes by providing a real-world opportunity that is very flexible and fun.  

Intern qualifications:

- someone who is driven and can work independently (as the artist is freelance) and yet can work well on a team- a good communicator, preferably with connections to the arts community- someone who appreciates fine art and would like to support a local artist's endeavors - someone who has junior/senior standing who has taken enough classes to know what they are doing (prerequisite for PR students: J350; prerequisite for advertising students: J456)

 Tentative job description: - meet with the artist and her mentors for an initial consultation to determine a course of action for the rest of the internship - touch base with the artist weekly to ensure progress is being made on both sides - use social media to promote the art - creatively think of ways to promote the artwork- possibly go with the artist to venues to help her present herself - help to make and maintain good relationships with the artist's buyers - work between 8 and 12 hours per week  

There is a lot of flexibility and potential for creativity in a project like this, which is what makes this such an exciting opportunity! If you or someone you know might be interested, here is the contact information:

Application Instructions: 

If you're interested in helping out, contact:

Kitti Touzeau


cell: 503-956-1606

Danika (her niece who is helping her)


phone: 503-591-1502