Senior Editor


FloSports Inc. is looking for a senior editor to lead our national coverage team on FloTrack, the leading scholastic track and field network in the country. 
The Senior Editor is an idea generator who leads the content team. They know the difference between something that is awesome and something that is not, and they’re willing to lead and teach their team. They are Professional and Collegiate track & field mavens and can dominate any debate regarding any aspect of the sport. Our ideal candidate has a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable desire to win. We’re looking for someone who won’t settle for second-best, no matter the situation. 
Develop great web content, both written and video, from the idea phase to publishing. You will spotlight the top athletes and personalities in your sport with interesting stories. 
You'll travel around the world to create kick-ass on-site coverage of live events. You'll interview the athletes, write compelling recaps and feature the biggest stories of each event. 
You will lead your team in content creation meetings, brainstorming to come up a plan that attracts readers and makes them want to stick around for more. You'll listen to your audience and adjust your plans accordingly. 
You'll seek out and utilize the best freelancers you can find, and help them create killer content. 
You will be capable of handling multiple content projects at once because you're a multi-tasking machine. You'll also stay on top of subscription and sales initiatives and help our team deliver required assets on deadline. 
You'll be a news hound, staying on top of every story and news item unfolding in your sport to ensure you provide comprehensive coverage to your readers. 
You'll make sure the content you create and manage is in line with our unique brand and style guide. 
You'll be a social media influencer, actively participating in your community while marketing the content you create to those who seek it. And you'll help find other big social media gurus who can help promote your content around the world. 
You’ll build relationships within the track and field community of parents, coaches and athletes. 
You’ll regularly communicate with our network of state webmasters to effectively coordinate the flow of content between the national and state sites. 

Experience Required/Preferred
You are an authority on your sport and obsessive about staying on top of the latest developments. 
You are a fantastic writer and editor. Grammar mistakes drive you crazy. 
You love being on camera, lending your voice and personality to current topics. 
You love the feeling of breaking news before anyone else, but you also understand that being right is more important than being first. 
You are organized. You know how to prioritize your time. You manage multiple projects with ease. 
You are creative and analytical. You enjoy coming up with unique takes on stories and refuse to do something that has been done before. You thrive on taking an idea and making it a reality. 
You're a social media savant. You know how to write creative and engaging tweets that burn like fire in your community. 
You work well with senior management, but you can also work independently. You take leadership and ownership of your team. 
You wake up each day looking for a win. You can't wait to create new ideas and then execute them to perfection. You are competitive and driven to be the best. 
You have a Bachelor's degree from a four-year college.

Application Instructions: