Short Form Video Producer

New York

Quartz is looking for a creative video journalist comfortable taking an entrepreneurial approach to their work, and eager to experiment with short, shareable video that will help define our digital video storytelling.

You’ll focus on seeking out the video “thing”: the standalone clip, quick cut or produced piece that can channel the social conversation and set the day’s agenda. The goal is to create short videos that are smart, interesting, at times counter-intuitive, and always with a fresh perspective on the forces shaping the global economy.


The ideal candidate is addicted to social media, has a keen sense of story and voice, and is adept at framing and shaping pieces for a broad audience. This person will have strong journalistic instincts that will help distinguish the Quartzy from the prosaic. And of course, the successful candidate will be a skilled reporter, shooter, and editor with a keen attention to detail.

The short-form video producer will maintain a calendar of upcoming events and oversee planning for breaking news coverage. You will produce stories, and work closely with team members on short pieces, assigning as needed, editing scripts, and polishing cuts. The successful candidate will also have great organizational skills. Management experience is a plus.

Quartz is aimed at an international business audience that wants intelligent, engaging, thought-provoking news and analysis about the seismic changes affecting the global economy. We strive to constantly push the boundaries of the journalistic form online.

Quartz is a business news venture of Atlantic Media, found online at

Across Atlantic Media generally, the firm looks for two “pillar gifts” in its candidates.  In all of us, these are more aspirational than actual, but they are central in our intentions.

1. Force of Intellect - Atlantic Media seeks a discipline and rigor of thought as manifested, often, in exceptional academic performance and, later, success in a professional environment.

2. Spirit of Generosity - Equally, Atlantic Media seeks what we term a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition towards service and selfless conduct.



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