Social Media Employee

Soma Potential

Soma Potential is.a somatic movement and physical therapy clinic in Eugene OR. We are looking for a social media employee to assist in developing social media content as well as assist in developing electronic marketing strategies to invite new patients to the clinic. Soma Potential is a unique healing and training space that focuses on a holistic approach to healing. In a health care system that feels more like an assembly line, Soma Potential offers authentic one-on-one attention, compassion and care. The team at Soma Potential focuses on true change and embodied awareness so patients feel empowered in their own self-care. 


Time Commitment: 4-6 hours to start (Part-time)


Experience Required/Preferred: 

   -Strong communication skills including in person, writing, and through other media.  


   -Ability to collaborate with staff and also be self-directed in accomplishing work.  


   -Familiarity with social media sites, preferred experience in developing social media content for an organization.  


   -Experience with photography, videography, and simple graphic design.  


   -Organizational skills, time management, and critical thinking.  

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Application Instructions: 

Please email at or call 773-351-5092