Social Media Specialist

Mills International Center

General Qualifications: 
   Having a desire to learn and being self-motivated are the most important qualifications for this position. 
   A successful candidate is one who seeks opportunities to learn about other cultures and develop their workplace professionalism. 
   Must be available to work 2019-2020 academic year. Summer availability is optional.*
   Self-motivated and attentive to detail 
   Interest in or a general knowledge of the Mills International Center 
   Ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with individuals and groups from different backgrounds 
   Ability to respectfully engage in and contribute to an environment in which diverse viewpoints and experiences are encouraged and valued. 
   Oversees specific Mills social media pages which may include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or WeChat 
   Overseeing Facebook Instagram and Twitter requires native-like fluency in written English 
   Works closely with the PR strategist to ensure continuity between PR materials 
   Creates posts that promote the Mills events and resources effectively and appropriately; updates social media accounts regularly 

Experience Required/Preferred (leave blank if included in position description above) 
   Additional Qualifications 
   Native or near-native proficiency in written language of social media platform, and the ability to write clearly and concisely are required 
   Proficiency using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (WeChat proficiency a plus). 
   Experience making social media calendars and schedules; knowledge of how to launch a social media campaign. 
   A general knowledge of one or more other languages or cultures is a plus. 
   Additionally, we seek candidates for the three positions above who can also take on one of these two roles: 
   Website design/management 
   Proficiency or knowledge of HTML 
   Familiarity with WordPress 
   WeChat Management 
   Native or near native-like fluency in written Mandarin 
   Basic knowledge of WeChat capabilities 

-Part-time, Paid

Monday, November 19, 2018
Application Instructions: 

Complete this application form online, including uploading your schedule, current resume, portfolio or work samples relevant to position, and answers to the application questions. You do NOT need to submit a cover letter, responding to the application questions fulfill that role. 
   Please prepare a response to the following questions. Please limit your responses to a paragraph per question: 
   What would you like to learn from working at the Mills International Center? 
   Please describe a time when you collaborated with an individual or group from a different background, identify any challenges that occurred and how you approached/addressed those challenges. 
   Please describe an experience that challenged an idea or belief that you had and shifted your perspective