Special Sections writer

Emerald Media Group


   The special sections writers will primarily be responsible for writing and producing content for 

   our special sections and issues that come out periodically throughout the academic year. The 

   writers will also assist in copy editing, writing copy for ads, writing scripts for video production, 

   and other writing assignments that come up throughout the year. 


   Specific duties 

   ● Knowledgeable: Understands the direction of the special sections and purpose of these 

   products and how to write content that fits with the theme and subject matter. Also able 

   to identify potential topics and help brainstorm creative ideas for writing assignments. 

   ● Adaptable: Writers will need to be able to switch styles of writing based on needs of 

   other departments within EMG. (e.g. Ad copy, script writing, social media, etc…) 

   ● Paperwork and Filing: Will need to upload all content to specific location and file all 

   accompanying materials in correct places on our server. 

   ● Deadlines: Will be required to meet deadlines with written content for stories, 

   information, and other materials as assigned. 

   ● Internal Meetings: Has a weekly meeting to discuss upcoming projects, assignments 

   and special sections with the Special Sections Editor. May also have other meetings with 

   other department personnel to discuss writing opportunities that are above and beyond 

   the scope of writing for special sections and issues. 

   ● Teamwork: Will work with other content creators to facilitate project goals. 

   (e.g. photographers, designers, videographers, web developers, etc…) 

   ● Goals: Develop compelling content for special sections, issues, and other specific 

   needs that arise. 

   ● Other: Other duties as assigned. 


Experience Required/Preferred (leave blank if included in position description above) 

   ● A strong passion for media, digital media, sales & marketing and project management 

   ● Ability to regularly meet and/or exceed goals, especially under tight deadlines 

   ● Ability to work in a strong, team-driven environment 

   ● A proven work ethic that shows a history of ownership/responsibility 






   $15-$50 per assignment 

Application Instructions: 

Application deadline 

   Immmediate opening 

How to apply (leave blank if included in position description above) 

   Send resume and cover letter to "engage@dailyemerald.com