Sports Intern


Sports Interns at KEZI will get a hands on experience in learning the ins and outs of local sports television, from how to budget time for stories to maintaining a web and social media presence throughout the day. You'll be able to make a schedule that fits your needs, but will be expected to give 100% effort whenever you are in the office. Some of the responsibilities will include accompanying reporters to media availabilities, helping out with web content, as well as helping reporters put together the shows themselves. 
You will get opportunities to shoot standups in the field, report on the desk, and cut your own packages that you will be able to put into your reel to help you get a job when the time comes. Our staff will help you every step of the way, from tracking voice to script writing. It all follows the old adage: you get out what you put in. 


Preferably junior or rising senior 
No prior experience needed 


Part-time; unpaid. May use for credit. 


Application Instructions: 

Email Andrew Haubner, KEZI 9 Sports Director, with resume and a paragraph response to the following question: What made you want to get into this field?