Sportswriting Internship


Do you love writing about sports?  We are hiring intern/volunteers to write about Oregon football, and while writers can have experience in sports journalism, ultimately your passion and skills are more important than your field of study.  We have had freshmen succeed, and students with majors in English, History, and Business flourish along with Journalism majors.    Interns will be lead authors of articles that will be published by, and read by thousands daily.  Our UO student writers have published articles that have been linked by ESPN Regional, The Bleacher Report, and newspapers such as The Oregonian, giving their work broad exposure and boosting their resume’.  Openings are writing for Baseball, Football, Track, Softball, and Volleyball in the fall.

“Writing for has accelerated my sports writing career in so many ways, giving me vast amounts of experience and adding to my resume by linking my articles to prestigious sites such as ESPN Regional.” —Joseph F. Holland, UO Student

Application Instructions: 

Email Charles Fischer at or call 541-915-4541. To apply, email a cover letter and resume indicating which position(s) you are applying for. Please highlight relevant experience (watching sports counts!) and include contact information for at least two professional references. Applicants for the writing positions should also submit two writing samples such as term papers, or it may be informal, such as personal blog entries.