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Oregon Sports News

Oregon Sports News is a website that provides news & commentary of local sporting events. It was launched in 2011 with the purpose to provide a platform for bloggers and amateur sports writers to publish their work where visitors could find their articles easily. Today, Oregon Sports News is the largest independent local sports website, averaging over 2,000 unique visitors a week. This is thanks to our alliances with, The Oregonian, KGW,, KMTR,, Yardbarker, and Bloguin. Our columns appear on all of these media outlets. In addition, we have a strong following on Facebook (over 700 fans) and Twitter (over 1,300 followers). What we are most proud of is our acclaimed staff of over 25 contributors. These contributors range from professional sports writers to students looking to make a name for themselves. We have had several college students go on to great success, including former U of O graduate Bryant Knox:

"In just six short months at Oregon Sports News, I’ve been able to establish my own writing style, bounce ideas off my editor and create a compilation of published clips that will forever be mine to claim. My portfolio was even the driving factor in my acceptance into the Sportswriting Internship with Bleacher Report—a program that will help convert my goals and ambitions into opportunities and accomplishments."

There is basically a one-column-a-week commitment. They can write about whatever they want as long as it is Oregon sports related. Also, the length of the columns is of their choosing.

Application Instructions: 

Interested students should contact