US Public Interest Research Group - Multiple Positions


U.S. PIRG still has openings on next year's organizing teams. We'retaking on some big challenges like the overuse of antibiotics on factoryfarms, big money in politics, standing up for consumers against bigbanks and Wall Street, and more.

We're looking for smart, talented candidates who agree that America hasmore problems than we should tolerate, but who also understand thatthere are plenty of solutions to these problems that we should beputting to use.

We're accepting applications on a rolling basis until all of our jobsare filled. Potential candidates can more and apply at JOBS.USPIRG.ORG

Current openings with U.S. PIRG:

* ORGANIZING FELLOWSHIP [3] - PIRG Fellows are casting a spotlight onproblems by doing everything from working on our nationwide grassrootspublic education campaign to holding media and visibility events andpromoting new research online. You’ll be out in the real world —recruiting new groups to join a coalition, speaking at a church basementor town hall to win a new endorsement, organizing a news event or rally,meeting with an editorial board, or doing whatever else it takes to urgeour public officials to do the right thing. This is a two-year program,expressly designed to prepare future leaders within PIRG. Location: DC,Boston

* DIGITAL CAMPAIGNERS [4] - You’ll work to craft and win campaignsto get big money out of politics, win consumers the right to knowwhat’s in their food, and make college more affordable for students.This is an entry-level position for recent-college graduates ready toturn their online skills into political action. We’re looking forpeople who are eager and ready to learn new skills, want to work hard,and who won’t be satisfied until they win. Location: Denver

* CAMPUS ORGANIZERS [5] - Students have been at the forefront ofsocial change for decades. And the Student PIRGs have organized studentsacross the country to get real results. When you become an Organizerwith the Student PIRGs, you’ll recruit, train and organize students totackle these problems head-on. You’ll teach them to run campaigns thatmake a difference in their community and our country, and help developthem into leaders who can continue to make an impact years after theygraduate. Location: MA, NJ, CT, MD, WA, OR

Application Instructions: 

Apply on-line at