Video Editor

Opportunity Village Eugene

Opportunity Village Eugene, a local non-profit that is developing a pilot transitional micro-housing village for and by the homeless, is working to develop a new, more interactive website that includes brief profiles and videos of each Village member.  Right now we have 17 residents who form the core initial group.  The Resident Council will choose additional residents (up to 45 total) from detailed applications and interviews. 

We are looking for a volunteer who can edit short (one minute or so) videos of the initial core 17 residents.  We currently have video footage for several of them, and additonal footage could be taken by the student who could do the interviewing as well (good practice!) or the student could team up with a volunteer such as myself to obtain the footage.  A few hours a week for several weeks probably would be sufficient, especially if the student is proficient at video editing.

Our goal is to get our new website up and running by the end of September or mid-October. Interested students should contact Janel Erickson at as soon as possible.