Video Journalist/ Vlogger (multiple positions)


Are you an energetic journalist who loves to create stories that incorporate other people's opinions? We are looking for you to shed some light into life in America's small towns.

UrbanAMA is changing the way people interact with various topics of their interest on social media. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for up to 24 hours on any topic and have people join in with their thoughts and questions. Through Snapchat style videos, UrbanAMA enables sharing a series of 30-second clips in an AMA with your reporting or opinions - people may add their questions and thoughts to your AMA and generate a lively discussion!

What's better? Your AMA can be shared directly on Twitter and questions can come in via tweets, expanding visibility and reach of your content! 

So, if you are passionate about the day to day or long-term issues in your town, grab your iPhone, install UrbanAMA app and get in on the action.


As an UrbanAMA host, you will: 

Host AMAs incorporating videos. No video editing necessary. Videos are recorded directly on the app (Snapchat style) and posted.

Incorporate interviews with people into your AMAs - record local opinions and casual chats with people in public areas.

Ask locally relevant questions on other ongoing AMAs on Urban.

Generate Twitter activity around your AMAs. 


Must have prior experience vlogging or being a multimedia journalist. Students with a major/minor in journalism with video reporting or vlogging experience are welcome.

Must be well versed with the latest political issues, environmental issues, local entertainment, jobs, healthcare, etc., - sufficient to be able to introduce the topic, get people to ask their burning questions and respond to them.

Must have a passion for multimedia journalism and creating stories that include people around you.

Must have excellent communication skills, verbal and written. 

Love talking on the camera and are not shy about sharing controversial thoughts. 

Must have an iPhone

Application Instructions: