Video Production Intern

Inspirations of the Heart Program

"Inspirations of the Heart", is multi-media radio/web-based internet video program that has been created in response to the growing need for hope, inspiration, wisdom and connection during these evolving times. The intention of this program, and the stories that you will be hearing, is to acknowledge and honor the people who have found the ability to rise above the challenges in their lives. Through heartfelt conversations, we will hear how individuals have found the courage, creativity and internal strength to heal, transform and soar like the Phoenix. By sharing these stories, we hope to create a personal connection to our audience that touches the heart and soul.  As the Hopi elders declare, “we are the ones we've been waiting for " and the time is now.

We are looking for journalism students with some experience in audio/video production with camera, audio/sound, lighting, and editing using Final Cut pro or an equivalent software program. There is opportunity for someone with website development/design and social media experience to help develop the website and social media to market this program to a global audience. Our focus on individual stories lends itself to a student identifying, researching, shooting and editing their own piece as one feature of a magazine style format that highlights a specific theme. The ideal candidate would have an interest in the subject matter, willingness to work in a collaborative team setting, and be available for at least 10-15 hours per week.

Application Instructions: 

Interested students will be required to submit a sample of their previous work and upon acceptance by the producers be invited to an initial interview.

For more information contact:

Jonathan Stemer: (541)-556-0607

Catherine VanWetter: (541) 760-6959