Videographer -The Big O Roller Derby Tournament

Blaze Streaming Media

The Big O Roller Derby Tournament is coming to Eugene at the Lane Events Center on May 1-3!

Blaze Streaming Media out of Portland is looking for volunteer videographers to assist in the live production broadcast for this event. This would be a great opportunity to get experience running live action cameras during a sporting event while taking cues from a director on head set. The shifts are 4 hours long (2 games per shift). A 4 hour shift gets a person entry to the tournament for the day of their choice. For example if you volunteer on Friday, you can come on Saturday. 

If you have any experience running camera and following action, this will be a great opportunity to polish your skills!

Here’s a link to Blaze Media’s channel from last year’s tournament:


If you’re not familiar with the sport of Roller Derby it would be good to study up; this will help you with the camera operation.

Our premiere track (Track 1) has 3 cameras: 1 locked, 1 Lead Jammer cam, 1 Pack cam.

The other 2 tracks have just 2 cameras: 1 locked & 1 Pack cam.

- The Lead Jammer cam follows the Lead Jammer: calls for zooming in & out and panning quickly

- Pack cam follows the pack: calls for zooming in & out as the pack spreads, and leaving enough lead room to get all of the action


Take a look at the Video Shifts Schedule and feel free to add your name if you see a shift that you would like:


Here is a link to the tournament’s website:


For more information contact:

~Angie Riley (aka: The StrangeHER)

Head of Marketing

Emerald City Roller Girls

Application Instructions: 

This is strictly volunteer! If you are interested, please sign up using the attached spreadsheet and you will be contacted: