Volleyball Student Manager

UO Volleyball Team

Hours: Varies depending on the day.  Practice days 7:30am-11:30am, game days 4pm-10pmWage: volunteer/scholarshipSupervisor Name: UO volleyball staffJob Description:  Assist with all aspects of and daily activities for the UO Volleyball  program, including practices and all home events.  Managers are primarily responsible for:- Set-up locker rooms and court for practice, and games (includes home team and visiting team).- Assisting coaching staff during practice with drills.- Travel with the team on road trips and assist staff.- Assist coaches with distribution of team equipment.- Other duties as assigned by the Director of Operations and Coaching Staff.

Responsibilities for this position begin in Early-august and will last through Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Some time is required during the camps in the Summer term. Managers are required to work through term breaks (winter and spring) when the team is playing.  Applicants should have a basic understanding of volleyball rules.

Qualifications:  Full-time UO student; Good academic standing; Experience in athletics; Understanding and/or desire to learn more about collegiate athletics.  Applicants must be self-motivated, detail oriented and dependable.

Application Instructions: 

Please send a resume to Joe Skinner at jskinne6@uoregon.edu