The Sports Quotient

Writing Positions

Weekly Columnist- At The Sports Quotient, we pride ourselves on giving writers the outlet to compose articles that showcase their unique opinions and analysis, allowing them freedom to choose their own topics. We believe that this approach brings out everyone’s creativity and best writing. All articles are sent to our editing team, so the final product can be as polished as possible. Weekly articles tend to be in the range of 500-800 words. For examples click here.

Reporters- Reporting is meant for those that are always up-to-date with a specific sport or league. Although we still expect some analysis from our reporters, the focus is on giving a professional and quick reaction and recap of news and games as soon as possible. You can either be a Beat Reporter (meaning you focus on reporting for a specific team, ex. Lakers Beat Reporter), or a General Reporter (meaning you focus on reporting for a league in general Ex. NBA Reporter). Content tends to be 200-500 words. For a sample piece click here.

Viral Media Specialist- Amazing content is constantly circulating around the web. The Viral Media team’s job is to constantly be up to date with the latest video, article, tweet or any other type of media that is being shared around the world, and to provide some commentary on it for SQ readers. Commentary is generally short—around 100 words. The key is getting to it as soon as possible! For a sample piece click here.

Sports Statistician- Some people just have a knack for researching crazy stats. If you’re one of those people, we have an awesome platform for you to provide the stats you find. Essentially you provide the stat and some interesting relevant information. For a sample pieces, check out our Stat Machine.

Editing Positions

Editor- Being part of The Sports Quotient’s editing team allows for real professional editing experience on exciting and engaging material. Our editors are assigned one day of editing per week, and get to know the writers whose work they handle. Editors are essential to improving the quality of content that appears on the site. At SQ, we value our editors, and provide them a byline credit for every article they revise. 

Other Positions

Video Analyst- At The Sports Quotient, we not only value our staff’s ability to articulate their thoughts on paper, but also their ability to verbally communicate their own arguments. Whether analysts are members of Speech and Debate teams or have had no on-camera experience, we seek people with poise, confidence, and great delivery to provide sports video analysis.

Video Production Assistant- Sports Quotient provides a place for video editors to hone and apply their skills. Video Production Assistant work directly with our Video Director and one- on-one with our Video Analysts to make SQ videos as clean and professional as possible.

Podcast Host- Our Podcast Hosts are paired up and produce weekly 20 minute shows. We want to give SQ fans another medium to absorb news and analysis each day.

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