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On Campus Sports

Who we are: On Campus Sports (OCS) is a sports journalism publication that is designed exclusively for college students. For all intents and purposes, it is, as our slogan states, “College Sports Covered by College Students.” OCS provides a platform for students to publish articles, display photos and produce video content covering all college sports, including men’s and women’s non-revenue sports.

We believe college students know more about college sports than anybody else. We also believe students can produce insightful, creative content that rivals any other media entity. Here are some of our goals.

Goals: As a company, our biggest goal is to establish campus teams (i.e. a Campus Leader, assistant editor, writers, photographers, and broadcasters) at every NCAA Division I university. In achieving this, we will create a truly national stage on which students can A) congregate and interact with other students and readers from their own school and other universities across the country, and B) have their school’s athletic programs (and in turn, the work that they produce) in the national eye – exposing their talent to an audience outside of their own campus region.

Our main objective, however, revolves around the students we employ. It is our desire for students to receive internship credit for their work at OCS and the subsequent attention they bring to their respective university. If, however, that isn’t possible for whatever reason, all students are eligible for monetary compensation.

Under the tutelage of professional editors, we hope that students sufficiently develop the integral skills in the field of journalism, and become better communicators in general. If nothing else, we want our writers to be able to say that their experience at On Campus Sports was fundamental in their ability to obtain the job of their choosing.

What makes OCS distinctive? In addition to our aforementioned professional editorial staff and the national audience, On Campus Sports is different from other sports publications (e.g. student newspapers, blogs, official team pages, and other sports websites) in a variety of ways:

- Use of new media (Interactive live chats/blogs, videos, podcasts, and, eventually, broadcasts differentiate us from the average student newspaper.)- Access to media credentials (In the past year, we’ve sent writers to individual games, conference tournaments, and football bowl games.) - Our student-exclusive approach (Still a company in its infancy, OCS has the largest compilation of college writers ever assembled.)

In general, we envision OCS as a company with the journalistic integrity of a student newspaper, and also as a company that allows students the flexibility to creatively cover stories the way they want to cover them. We believe that this is an element that will really appeal to our viewers as well.

Application Instructions: 

Students can apply by visiting: http://oncampussports.com/application/

If you have any questions whatsoever, or if you would like further information, feel free to contact either myself or our executive editor, Fred Reeder Jr. (fred.reeder@oncampussports.com). Also, feel free to peruse our website (www.oncampussports.com).