Writing Internship

Bankless Times

We are actively seeking up-and-coming business writers looking for experience, clippings on an ass-kicking online news site and ground-floor relationships with the company founders.

You are likely in school, developing your chops and interview skills. Our editor - who has 20 years of experience - will help you develop the ability to quickly find the nugget of the story and deliver it in an engaging way.

We do not offer payment. What we do offer is premium placement on our site, complete with links to author bio page, to help boost your portfolio, and an opportunity to join our team in Palo Alto.Because we are all working remotely, this would not be a typical internship. We're suggesting that students commit as much time as they can afford to the articles.  One article per week would be reasonable.

We're looking for well-researched pieces that speak to a knowledgeable audience somewhat well-versed in the subject matter. We're also looking for unique quotes from the major players and experts in the field so our articles stand apart from the noise.

Applicants should read through our original stories to get a feel for the style and type of content we're looking for. Then, they can go through some of the curated stories through our links to see the kinds of stories we feel are important in our effort to give readers a broad spectrum of the alternative finance industry.

Application Instructions: 

Contact the Editor-in-chief, John White at john@banklesstimes.com